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What is yoga?

             .... a union of mind, body and spirit.
The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word "Yuj" meaning to yoke, join or unite. 

Yoga is a popular activity for all people -- athletes, children, and seniors. Yoga can be modified to suit all levels of fitness. It has been proven that through the practice of yoga will lower blood pressure and increases strength and flexibility. Yoga energizes our bodies and calms our minds.

There are many varieties of yoga and it is important for you to pick the right one for you.

Popular types of yoga include:

  • Ashtanga:  A challenging physical practice made up of a series of about 75 poses
  • Anusara:  This style of hatha yoga integrates heart opening poses with the principles of body alignment 
  • Bikram:  Named after its founder, Bikram Choudury, this series of 26 poses is practiced in a heated studio
  • Hot:  A series of poses practiced in a heated studio. 
  • Hatha:  A physical yoga that pays close attention to the breath and moves slower between poses than Ashtanga or Power Yoga
  • Iyengar:  A style of Hatha yoga that emphasizes precise alignment of poses.  The use of props such as straps or blocks may be used 
  • Kundalini:  Kundalini yoga can include chanting, hand positions, breathing techniques, combined with a sometimes vigorous aerobic type workout
  • Power / Flow / Vinyasa:  These forms of yoga are derived from Ashtanga yoga, and are flowing, dynamic and physically challenging styles of yoga
  • Pre and Post Natal:  Gentle Hatha yoga is ideal for pregnant women to help lower stress, and reduces swelling and back and leg pain
  • Yin:  Streeeeeeeeeeetch it out in pigeon pose in this slower style of yoga that targets the connective tissue of the hips, pelvis and lower spine

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